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Rego Check



Need a pink slip or blue slip to renew your vehicle registration? At Advanced Mechanical Services in Coffs Harbour, our rego check services make renewing your vehicle registration fast and easy. As an Authorised Safety Check Station, we can provide pink slips (eSafety checks) and blue slips to help you renew your vehicle registration, keeping it up to date and helping you avoid a hefty fine for driving an unregistered vehicle.

In NSW it’s a requirement that all vehicles more than 5 years old have a safety inspection at an Authorised Safety Check Station as a condition of registration renewal. Advanced Mechanical Services is licensed to conduct your annual car inspection, checking to ensure your car’s core components (tyres, brakes, lights, etc.) are functioning correctly and then issue you with a pink slip (eSafety check). We are also able to provide you with a blue slip if you have received an inspection report rejection slip (white slip) by undertaking the required repairs. For a complete range of cost-effective rego check services in Coffs Harbour, give Advanced Mechanical Services a call on 0431 231 920 today.

For a complete range of automotive services in Coffs Harbour and fantastic service at a great price, call Advanced Mechanical Services on 0431 231 920.