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The most important safety feature on your car, your brakes enable you to slow down gradually and stop suddenly so it’s imperative that they function correctly at all times. Without properly functioning brakes, you and your passengers would be at risk, so why take any chances?

Whether you have noticed your brakes aren’t performing as well as they should or your brake warning light is on and you’re unsure of the problem, the brake experts at Advanced Mechanical Services can help. We provide a complete range of brake services for cars, AWDs and 4WDs of all makes and models, and can assist with problems such as:

  • Your car loses grip on the road or pulls to the left or right when braking
  • The steering wheel shudders or brakes screech/squeal when braking
  • Your car takes longer than normal to stop when applying the brakes
  • The brake pedal sits low or is hard or soft or spongy when braking

Whatever the issue with your brakes, don’t take any chances with your safety on the road and bring your car to the experts at Advanced Mechanical Services in Coffs Harbour. We carry a broad range of high-quality replacement parts to suit most makes and models, use the latest Snap-On diagnostic tools and have a wealth of technical expertise to ensure you get the best results for your car. To make an appointment or learn more about our brake services, call us today on 0431 231 920.

For a complete range of automotive services in Coffs Harbour and fantastic service at a great price, call Advanced Mechanical Services on 0431 231 920.