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Lubrication Services



Need an oil filter change, upgrade or lubrication services in Coffs Harbour? The fully qualified and insured mechanics at Advanced Mechanical Services provide a complete range of services using high-quality oils and lubricants from leading brands to keep your car running smoothly and maintain excellent fuel efficiency.

Why Is It Important to Change the Oil?

Waiting too long to change the oil or lubricant or upgrade the oil filter on your car puts it at risk. Oil and lubricants reduce the friction between moving vehicle parts, forming a barrier between parts such as the pistons, cylinder walls and rings which reduces wear and keeps the parts functioning as intended for longer.

Additionally, replacing engine and ancillary oils on a regular basis prevents the build up of impurities which can damage the engine and other parts as they become abrasive and wear and tear ensues. By having the oil changed and the filter replaced, your car will function more efficiently and will be at less risk of preventable damage that could significantly increase the cost of car ownership.

New car? No worries! We’re authorised to conduct log book servicing on all makes and models so if you’re worried about invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty on your new car, don’t be. We have you covered with reliable oil change and lubricant servicing that keeps your warranty and your car running like new for longer. Call us today on 0431 231 920 for further information or to book an appointment.

For a complete range of automotive services in Coffs Harbour and fantastic service at a great price, call Advanced Mechanical Services on 0431 231 920.